The Ninth

Hole 9 is the most difficult Par 4 on the course. Although you are headed north, usually with a strong south wind, it is a long, up-hill tee shot to a fairway that slopes from left to right. A good drive will put you around 200 yards away from your second shot. Sand traps guard the left front of this green. Don’t land short of the green; mounds also guard the front left of the green and will cause you to bounce right off the green. Hole 9 plays 485 yards from the Blue Tees, 470 from the White Tees, 443 from the Gold Tees, and 400 from the Red Tees. Hole 9 is a Part 5 for Women. Although Hole 9 is the #2 handicap hole, it is the most difficult hole on the course.

Hole #9
Par 4 485 Yards HDCP 2
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