Par 4

9th Hole

The Ninth Hole 9 is the most difficult Par 4 on the course. Although you are headed north, usually with a strong south wind, it is a long, up-hill tee shot to a fairway that slopes from left to right. … Read More

8th Hole

The Eigth Hole 8 is another short Par 4, usually playing with a strong south wind behind you. Hole 8 has one of the narrowest fairways, so your tee shot must be accurate. A good tee shot will leave you … Read More

7th Hole

The Seventh Hole 7 is a short Par 4 headed South. Two bunkers added in 2014 require a precise shot off of the tee box. Strong south winds make your second shot into this difficult green more challenging. There is … Read More

6th Hole

The Sixth Hole 6 is a par 4 usually into a strong south wind. It has a down-hill tee shot, but then followed by a long up-hill second shot. Precision off the tee box is a must; there is a … Read More

3rd Hole

The Third Hole 3 is a dog-leg right Par 4 headed back to the East. Don’t let it’s length fool you; it is protected by a large tree on the front right of the green and a sand trap on … Read More